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Family Heirlooms - The 9 Month Baby Portrait

With all of the beautiful weather this time of year, we often get focused on the beach and park sessions but after doing a newborn session last week (more on than at a later date) it got me thinking about some of the other milestone sessions that we do in the studio. This one family in particular came to mind for 2 reasons, firstly because their children are so much fun in the studio - the camera just loves them and secondly, because we just photographed their 3rd child! Without the support of our families and clients we wouldn't be here and we know it! So a huge THANK YOU to you all!

Now let's chat about the milestones. Documenting your child or any family member for that matter is so very important because they will only be this age once in their life and since babies and kids grow up so fast, it is crucial to capture them as they grow. We know this to be true in our own families. The most common milestone ages are: Newborn (within 4 weeks); 3 Months; 6 Months; 9-12 months; 1 Year to 18 months and then every year after that. But if life gets hectic and you miss one, don't panic just grab the next one or capture them mid-cycle. We think what matters is the consistency of capturing your child as they grow.

This family in particular is a good example of folks that do a good job of documenting each child at a milestone as we have photographed all 3 of their children at the 9-10 month mark. They typically select 1 of their favorite images from each session and then hang a wall portrait. So they literally have this moment in time on their wall as a cornerstone and will add to the collection as they grow. It's so simple but it makes a huge impact.

Sadly, we do not have a photo of their finished wall to show you but take a peek below at some of baby M's best work!

Until next time

Family Heirlooms  The 9 Month Baby Portrait

updated: 7 years ago